Trim & Stone Profiles

Porcelain Tile in Costa Mesa

As suppliers of premium of porcelain tile in Costa Mesa we know the importance of adding that wow-factor to home projects. How about some ideas to bring color and texture to your space?

Let's start with the perfect tile trim statement. Trim tile pieces generally don't cover as large a section that the field tile does -So in essence, that pop of interest should not break the bank!   ...That being said, there are some, who will choose to make that statement large and in charge. When an entire wall is called for to be a statement piece --it can absolutely bring a grand splash to a kitchen, bathroom, or area on your home  -So go ahead and be bold! Another fun thing to remember, is that if you have the available wall space, or niches that surround your trim tile wall, why not pair it up with a coordinating wallpaper, or simply tie in the paint color. You will be sure to have many a compliment come your way at that cocktail party that you'll be hosting in your fabulous new space!