Tile in Newport Beach

Our sleek metallic mosaic tile in Costa Mesa can be installed into kitchen backsplashes, bathrooms and all other architectural applications. The smooth metal pieces are mounted to a mesh backing making installation simple and accurate. They pair especially well with corporate installations. Giving a clean, contemporary overall appeal. Stainless steel, aluminum and copper tiles are available in many styles, in brushed or shiny finishes, and embossed or plain. Some tiles are even bowed to create a basket-weave look. 

The best way to cut stainless steel tiles is with a diamond wet saw. Cut the tile face up so that any lip that forms is on the back of the tile. Handle the tile carefully. The cut metal edges are very sharp. It's difficult to cut notches with a wet saw. A rotary tool fitted with a metal-cutting disc is good tool for cutting notches and other intricate shapes.

Redesign Your Look With Ceramic Tile Installation in Costa Mesa

Laying brand-new tile in your home is one of the easiest ways to change up your design and style. When you’re ready to update your home, forego those simple patterns or solid colors. Castle Tile has a variety of patterns and ceramic tile styles to add that extra taste of flare to your look.

When you’re ready to shop for ceramic tile installation in Costa Mesa, look for Castile Tile for the professional team you need. Not only can we help you pick the right tile for your home or business, but we’ll expertly install it to ensure you never have to worry. Shop our wide selection of tile styles and patterns.

Choose From Intricate to Traditional Ceramic Tile Installation in Costa Mesa

Whether you love something a little simpler or an intricate look, Castle Tile has the selection you need. We offer ceramic tile installation in Costa Mesa for both homeowners and commercial properties. From simple looks that just add a few delicate touches to your home to intricate murals and colorful tiling for your business, we can help you decide which is just right.

We have a variety of patterns to choose from, or mix patterns within your home to get the best and most personal outcome. Our ceramic tile in Costa Mesa is designed for flooring, showers, and walls. Choose a neutral shade but beautiful pattern for flooring that will go with any decor. Look to simple designs and a relaxing color for baths and showers. For a bright kitchen, our patchwork tiling can add pizazz and spice to more than just your dishes.

Don’t worry about installing your tile on your own. Our expert installation specialists are trained to make the job easier and a breeze. We’ll measure and cut each tile perfectly to ensure there are no gaps or problems during installation. We’ll seal each tile to keep water from getting behind it or causing bubbling or tiles to become loose.

Instead of settling for the same everyday look as every other home on the block, let Castle Tile help you make your home something to envy. For business owners, we’ll create an ambiance that your customers won’t easily forget. Our patterns are beautiful additions to any property.