Countertop Materials

Marble Tile in Newport Beach

Available Countertop material options:

  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Quartz

Prefab Marble material in Newport Beach

Castle Tile Inc is your choice for ceramic, porcelain, specialty prints, waterjet mosaic, Quartz countertops in Costa Mesa, Newport Beach and Huntington Beach, CA

In the business of creating tiling and slab solutions for our clients for nearly two decades and being in the art framing business before that, we at Castle Tile Inc have a keen appreciation for our client's aesthetic requirements as well as the requisite knowhow of the latest materials and techniques to help bring your imaginings to life.

If you're looking for marble tile in Newport Beach, ceramic or mosaic tiling solutions, or granite countertop options, you need look no further than us. We provide a range of prefabricated and engineered options because of the many benefits they offer.

Looking for Prefab And Engineered Options?

There are several reasons why prefabricated and engineered products in tiling have revolutionized the interior décor business. It has increased the options available to clients in terms of colors, textures, designs and applicability, helped in lowering costs and has provided unmatched convenience as well. If you're looking for marble tiles in Newport Beach, consider the many benefits of going the prefab/engineered way:

Range of choices: The fact is that prefab products really increase the variety of options you have. You have a far wider choice in colors, materials and finishes that you like and need. The look you wish to achieve is within reach now.

Cost efficacy: One of the main benefits we are able to offer to our clients looking for granite countertops in Costa Mesa is value for money. Since prefabrication cuts costs for the contractor and the manufacturer, this cost saving is passed on to the customer and everyone benefits.

Convenience: Choosing prefab options cuts time taken for installation and causes minimal disruption to your daily activities in the home. It is quick and convenient to install and requires very little alternation to be made to existing structures.

Find out more about marble tiles and granite countertops in Newport Beach and Costa Mesa by calling us at 949-645-5906 or by using our contact form to drop us a line with any query you may have.